Thursday, April 10, 2014

Grade 4A: PYP Student Led Conference

Grade 4A conducted Student Led Conference (SLC) on March 29th wherein the students took the lead and responsibility to showcase their learning to their parents. The session included ‘hands-on activities’ — reflections of the PYP inquiry cycle and ‘student’s portfolio’ — a reflection of strengths and challenges. 

The students also explained the soft board which carried loads of learning engagements related to the Unit. At the end, they made realistic goals for themselves with their parents.

Parents’ Reflections

Ms. Pooja Bagga (Karman’s Mother): My son explained to me about microorganisms and vertebrates which was the best part.

Ms. Kanak Kabra (Sanskriti’s Mother): Learning is fun in the class. It was very creatively presented. Well done, Ms. Nisa!!

Ms. Ekta Vajpayee (Anshi’s Mother): She was explaining the soft board and taking the lead in all the activities.

Ms. Aarti Newasekar (Aarya’s Mother): I got to know how the class goes about learning a particular topic from the root level to an advanced level.


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