Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Students’ Reflections on Student Development Program

Yet another initiative to build student empowerment in Oakridge Einstein Campus is the introduction of Student Development Program (SDP) where every student of the Senior School belongs to one category formed as a part of SDP. The committees fixed SDP period once a week on every Wednesday where they gather their respective groups and discuss the plans and ongoing activities. The program is run by student-in-charges and teacher-in-charges to facilitate them in the process.

Students’ Reflections on Buddy Study
Being a buddy is helpful to both the mentor and the buddy. This is because the mentor learns leadership skills while the buddy has an improvement in academics. I feel this is an innovative idea.
Sai, Grade 8

I am very glad to help my buddy improve in his academics. It is a wonderful opportunity for me to exercise my leadership skills while my buddy gets a chance to do better in academics.
Shreyas, Grade 8

Student’s Reflection on ‘We Care, We Share: Community Service’
I am super excited about being in the community service group; I believe that this group will achieve a lot in the coming year. Our team has done some brainstorming about what we would like to do, and we believe that we should start our community service in the school itself.
Geetha, Grade 11

Student’s Reflection on ‘Taste of the Day: Lunch Committee’
We have started the committee to identify problems due to the food in the school and made a list and gave it to the Admin-in-charge (Prasad Sir) and discussed what might be the possible actionable solutions to improve the quality of food and resolve the issues related to the food. Now, a group of 3-4 people go to the canteen every day and give inputs on a daily basis. If the food isn’t good enough to be served, it is discarded and a substitute is served. We have just started our committee and hope to see greater achievements in this field.
Gaurav, Grade 11

Student’s Reflection on ‘Mentoring on the Wheels: Bus Committee’
Two bus mentors have been assigned to each bus and they have been checking the discipline on the bus and have been maintaining a bus checklist containing essential requirements for every bus. In the future, we propose to place a ‘Concern Box’ in each bus in order to make it convenient for students to openly express their concerns. We hope to make bus rides safe and enjoyable for each student; By following these measures, we have been successful in doing so. 
Avanthika, Grade 11

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