Saturday, March 1, 2014

Inaugural of PP Sports Meet

The Annual PP Sports Day saw a grand opening on Friday, 28th February. There was excitement and happiness in the air as the young ones walked into the ground to participate in the much awaited day. Students and teachers have been sweating it out on the ground for over two weeks practicing for this day.

It was a pleasant Friday morning and the campus was aptly decked up to ring in the mood. In spite of being a working day, parents walked in large numbers to see their little ones participate in various sports events.

The event started with a welcome note by Ms. Mellitta followed by a march past by students happily waving to their parents who were sitting in the galleries. They rhythmically marched to the music beats.

Parents were happy and proud to see the children’s enthusiasm and josh. After PP2’s and PP1’s turns, the Nursery students marched along with their teachers and waved to the parents. As they reached the stage, the PYP Coordinator Ms. Sunitha and CP Coordinator Ms. Vani joined them with bunches of beautiful balloons to be released in the air as a mark of opening the Sports Meet.

The Activity Coordinator Ms. Neeraja Kaushik declared the Sports Meet open. It was indeed a sight to watch as bunches of balloons floated in the sky symbolic of the mood of the people present there. This was followed by a small jig by four Cheer Girls of PP1.

It was a befitting opening to a very successful and enjoyable sports event!

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