Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Guest Lecture for Grade 4A: A Day with Ms. Kanak Kabra

In connection with our Central Idea 'Biodiversity,' Ms. Kabra visited Grade 4A to share valuable information on biomes, adaptation, and how human intervention impacts nature.

The session started with knowing different biomes and how animals and plants adapt themselves in this habitat, with the support of a biome map. Immediately after this talk, there was a group activity to gauge students’ understanding. It was wonderfully conducted and the winning teams got a gift. She also shared some real-life experiences, supported with photographs that spoke more about animals’ camouflage for survival — students enjoyed watching it.

She also informed how human intervention in nature impacted us with a help of a visual presentation followed by an interactive quiz. The session ended with a treat reflection. Each student had to tell which biome he/she would wish to visit and why they would get a treat. Grade 4A thanked for her effort, time, and an unforgettable session.

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