Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Grade IIIA: Little Financial Planners

Talking to kids about money can be difficult — teaching them first-hand about money matters is even more so. But many of today’s adults are struggling to manage money properly and that’s not a problem we want to pass on to the next generation.
When students of Grade 4A executed their Summative Task on ‘Market Places,’ we all were asked to carry some money to buy the items. As our ongoing unit is "Rights and Responsibilities," we thought to do a financial plan for the same. Students planned in advance what to buy, how much they need to spend and bought the things as per their plan.

After coming back to the class, we cross-checked the amount with the money left. This helped us to integrate Math – Money concept and even I got a better opportunity to teach my children financial responsibility with practical experience.

Parent’s Reflection
Ms. Lakshmi Koppolu: Siri of Grade IVA and Aneesh of Grade IIIA enjoyed the activity session at school on marketing and money management, respectively. They described and spoke to me with enthusiasm about their experience. It is very nice to see young children understand the concepts of marketing and money management. Siri told me they made a profit after deducting the expenses. Aneesh was able to give me very detailed information of how he managed the money.


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