Thursday, March 6, 2014

Grade 4A: Finance Meeting with Principal Ma’am

Grade 4A completed their topic “Market Place.” After discussion, we agreed that we will set up a market place to reflect on the concepts learnt — Demand, Supply, Profit, Loss, Surplus, Shortage, etc., — and have a real life experience as an entrepreneur.

Firstly, students conducted a survey to check what food items that students prefer. Then, we discussed the quantity, place from where we can purchase at a reasonable cost, home-made, etc. Some students said that apart from food, they will also make handmade things and sell. So, we agreed to expand our stall by including food items, handmade items, and a magic show.

The most important part was we wanted someone to fund our summative task. So, the students wrote a letter to Principal Ma’am using the persuasive writing learnt by jotting down the importance of the task. The class monitors met Principal Ma’am and delivered the letter. She was impressed with the idea and had a small chat with them on the same.

She immediately agreed and signed for the authorization of the amount. So, now it’s our turn to ensure that we repay the amount borrowed and give the profit to charity as per our action plan.

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