Saturday, March 22, 2014

Field Trip: Grade I A Gaga over Bread Making

A Field Trip to Nanda Foods enhanced children's understanding of the Unit of Inquiry 'Changes products undergo before they are consumed'.  Children observed the various materials used and the process followed in preparing bread.  They also learnt about the way products are packed and distributed, the reason for printing the date of manufacture on the pack, and the meaning of expiry date. The exciting experience reached its peak when they were offered fresh bread and muffins as complimentary gifts.

Chat after visit:
IBPYP Coordinator: What do you mean by expiry date?
Anjali: It means that we should not eat after that date.

IBPYP Coordinator: Why should we not eat after that date?
Anjali: We should not eat because bread will get spoilt after that date.


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