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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Responsibility Bingo

Students of Grade 3A came up with 24 different responsibilities that they need to follow; they were instructed to make a note in the Responsibility Bingo Sheet and to follow the words which they come up with — the one who finishes the bingo sheet is the winner of the game. They were very excited to see the winner; all the students were doing their homework regularly, started to help others, maintained discipline, etc.

This activity helped students to learn about responsibility, why it is important, and how to organize and keep track of their responsibilities. As they prepared their own Responsibility Bingo Board, all of them took it seriously and worked on it.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Student’s Reflection on a Field Trip to Mudfort Government School

Ashwika, a student of Grade III A, took on the challenge to write a blog on the Field Trip — she succeeded brilliantly in posting her first blog.
Kudos to Ashwika!!

Student’s Reflection
It was an exciting Field Trip and a great opportunity to know more about the Rights and Responsibilities of an NGO. We went to Mudfort Government School where some members of an NGO were working as teachers in the school. 

Learning Outcome: It was fun knowing about a new topic.
Profile: Knowledgeable to know about an NGO.

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Glimpses of the PYP Exhibition @ Niraj International School

Grade 3A students got an opportunity to visit Niraj International School for the PYP Exhibition. The theme was ‘Sharing the Planet’ — students worked on 4 different central ideas. Oakridgers enjoyed watching the Exhibition as they recently completed the Unit on Earth's Resources and were able to connect with their topic on Pollution.
Students' Reflections:
  • Their theme was the same for all the central ideas.
  • I liked the snake and ladder interactive game on Saving Environment; while playing, we got to know some valuable information.
  • Puppet Show on Corruption was very good.
  • It was an amazing and wonderful experience!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Grade IIIA: PE Integration

Integrating with the ongoing Unit 'Rights and Responsibilities,' Mr. Nadeem and Mr. Siddhu helped our students understand that working together makes the team strong by making them play interactive games. They also made them understand that rules and responsibilities help us to play fairly — when we are responsible, then our team will be the strongest team. After the Integration, students reflected well and contributed to the discussion with great enthusiasm in the class.

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Student’s Reflection: Squash and Me

Last year in May, I had got to know that I was going for my first Squash Tournament in Pune (Kirloskar Pune Squash Open 2013). I had practiced morning and evening, every day before the Tournament. I had been playing Squash for about 18 months before this Tournament.

On 15th August, 2013, my sister, dad, and I flew to Pune. My sister also participated in the Tournament in the Under-13 Category. 

In the Residency Club, my first match was against Krish Kandelwal from Pune. I won against him 3-0. Next, I played against Sharan Punjabi — India’s No.1 Player in Under-9. I lost the first set but came back and won 3-1. It was a thrilling match as Sharan was one of the best players in the Tournament. I was so happy after that match because I felt that I had achieved something great. Next, I won the Quarterfinals 3-0 against a player from Chennai. 

I played the Semifinals against Vivaan Shah from Mumbai. I lost but I had learnt how to run faster and be stronger mentally. I came 4th in the Tournament — I received Rs. 500 and a Certificate. I was so happy because I was the youngest competitor in the entire Tournament, being only 6 years old and beating India’s No.1 Player.

I love playing Squash as it keeps me fit and makes me more disciplined. I am practicing Squash everyday. My next goal is to win Under-9 Tournaments this year. I am going to participate in Under-11 Category in Tamil Nadu Open in Chennai from April 30 to 4 May, 2014 and hope to learn and become a better player.

Rohan Arya Gondi – Grade 2C

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