Saturday, February 22, 2014

We Can and We Did

As a part of CAS, CIE, the students of 7B adopted Ashray-Akruthi as the buddy school. We have been associating with the organization throughout the year with various activities such as field visits and fundraising to upgrade their library and science lab. We also participated in the “Design for Change” competition with our presentation of activities and won the Special Acknowledgement category award.

As part of our 2nd term CAS field activities with the organization, the students organized a Sports Meet in association with Ashray-Akruthi. 34 students in the category of Under 14 along with 3 teacher-in-charges were invited to Oakridge Einstein campus for a very unique sport event. As the students belonged to the special category, our students with their previous association with the children who have difficulty in hearing and speech, designed instruction aids, playing skills and planning which proved to very helpful  to the students.

The event was organized by the students, for the students. Hence the planning, budgeting, and execution was taken over entirely by the student community. As the students took the ownership of conducting this event, they gave T-shirts from the student CAS-collected-and-maintained fund with a beautiful logo of bonding. Sharing food is a great way to bond and express our love and affection. Hence, students brought a variety of food items and shared them with their friends from Ashray-Akruthi.

It was very heartening to see the spirit of organizing, initiation, and bonding in these children. For the students of Ashray-Akruthi, this was the first opportunity to collaborate with another school and they thoroughly enjoyed the matches and games. 

Ms. Mythili, the student advisor, conceived and planned the entire event along with the sports team. We truly hope this is the first step towards not only sensitizing students towards the needs of differently abled students but also in building a long-standing relationship with Ashray-Akruthi.

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