Monday, February 24, 2014

Surviving the Examination Season!

There are some myths related to exams such as:
Students still believe in luck.
Kids get good grades because teachers like them.
“Smart kids” will get the good grades.
“Only weak students have to study.”
Here are some examination preparation strategies and tips for students to keep their cool, avoid stress, and give their best in the examination hall!

Enhance Your Memory
Prepare a timetable and stick to the plan.
Prepare short notes in advance for clarity.
Look up for any unfamiliar terminology and note it.
Use color cues and underlining which would act as highlighters.
Use graphics: Draw and Visualize.
Use flash cards: Read, Write, Recite, Review (RWRR)
Break your long chapters into small chunks.
Use first letter cues in case of difficulty in remembering a long or a complicated answer.
Remember short-term and long-term functioning of memory.

Taking Breaks
Stand up and move around and take deep breaths.
Drink water: your brain needs water to function well.
Do not break your concentration with phone calls, texting, surfing the web or visiting social network sites.
Make sure you eat at regular intervals to maintain blood sugar and energy levels.

Know Your Learning Style
If you think of yourself as visual learner
Make big posters and colorful charts. Put these up all around your space and look at them often.
Make mind maps, either on paper or on the screen.
Use visual images in your revision cards or mind maps.
Make good use of color. Color and images are good memory aids.

If you learn best by listening
Record your learning materials or revision notes.
Speak your revision summaries aloud to yourself.
Ask yourself, or someone else, questions.
Record a series of questions and answers, leaving a gap for you to say the answer aloud before hearing it.
Read aloud to yourself.

 If you prefer to learn by doing
Act out procedures if possible.
Move around while you are revising.
Write your notes repeatedly — but don’t just copy.
Record your notes, but listen back while you are on the move.

An Overview of Examination Preparation

Quick Techniques
Technique #1: Play Brain Games
Technique #2: Eat the Right Foods
Technique #3: Quit Multitasking
Technique #4: Get More Sleep
Technique #5: Maintain the Right Attitude
Technique #6: Use Mnemonic Devices
Technique #7: Do Physical Exercise
And last but not the least, though exams are necessary and of the utmost importance in academics, obtaining degrees and certificates is not the ultimate objective of life.

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential…these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” – Confucius


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