Monday, February 24, 2014

Sports Meet with Ashray-Akruthi at Oakridge Einstein

The Sports Meet with Ashray-Akruthi was a great success with students participating in 80m run, soccer match for boys, throwball for girls, and fun games with balloons. Students were divided into two groups using grouping strategy. Two teams, ‘Blue Team’ and ‘Red Team’ were formed in which students of both the schools were included. Both the teams were presented with Blue and Red T-shirts by the Principal Mrs. Adilakshmi and Vice-Principal Mrs. Jyothi Reddy.

The soccer match was played with a difference. As the visiting school students are differently abled, they had to be given instructions using sign language. Students made flash cards to convey messages to them.

The best moments were when everyone participated in a balloon game in which students had to save their balloons from being busted by others. Two hours of fun and frolic came to an end with students taking a school tour and boarding buses with lot of good memories.

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