Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Provocation Activity with a Difference: Disorganized Class — Grade IIIA

Provocation for my new Unit was quite interesting and it was a big puzzle to my children as to what our new Unit was going to be. Before they had entered the room, they were instructed to observe the class and write their reflections on the task:

If you were a Principal/Coordinator/Student, how would you feel when you had entered the class?

While my students were busy writing down their reflections, we had a sudden visit from one of the 8th Graders, Shreyas, who also penned his reflection. Later, it was interesting to note that words like Cleanness, Discipline, Respect, etc., came up for discussion during the brainstorming session. Finally, the students came up with the word Responsibility, too. All were eager to know more after a good start for the Unit.


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