Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Oakridge Einstein Celebrates the Achievements of Young Artists

Students of Einstein Campus participated in the 3 Peel Art Competition, which is an online competition for students. This is a good platform which encourages and applauds the varied styles and techniques in art. The competition encourages children to be inspired by great art and artists; and to use those thoughts and techniques to come up with original works.

The children's work is displayed on this website and also on their Facebook page. Besides their annual competition, which draws participation from thousands of children all over India, they also have events in different cities, organize exclusive events for schools and hold online contests free of cost.

It is a great opportunity for students to express their art on various themes. This time, the theme given was “Travels thru India” and two of its students T. Vidhatha of Grade VIIIA and Anushka Kaiwar of Grade VC won the prizes for the most colourful presentations at the national level. They received Certificates and Medals along with a box of Oil Colours.

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