Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Math Project Report — Geometri-city

We, the students of Grades 5B and 5C, were given a task to design a geometrical town in which the main criteria asked was to integrate basics of geometry comprising lines and angles to form the roads and different shapes to form the buildings. Aashay of Grade 5B made a Geometrical town named “Geometri-city.”

The city has different zones as follows: 

1. Residential Zone and Institutional Zone are purposely housed at the corners in the form of combined cubes and cuboids. Locating them at one corner keeps them secured and protected from heavy commercial traffic and also gives peace and privacy.

2. Commercial Zone is the Central Core of the town. ‘Cylindrical Cyber Tower’ in this Zone represents a workplace for the professionals. ‘The Pyramidal Bank of Egypt’ potentially takes care of banking facilities for the citizens in this town. ‘Square the Dhokla Centre’ serves mouth-watering and tangy dhoklas along with other snacks for the public to relish. And, the most specially designed place for kids named as ‘Cone the Ice-cream Mall’— every kid would love this ice-cream world. Access to this mall is provided in two ways: one, you can walk on soft grass cover to the place; to add up to the idea of enjoyment, one can also take a boat ride as the building is partly floating in water.

3. Recreation Zone acts as the lung space of the town known as ‘Oak Square Park’ where one can recreate and relax.

4. Street Pattern — Major highway is named ‘Euclid Street.’ Euclid was the inventor of geometry. Other streets are named as ‘Arya Bhatt Street’— inventor of zero, ‘C. V. Raman Street’ and ‘Sir Abdul J. Kalaam Street.’

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