Monday, February 17, 2014

High School Soccer Match

Students of Grades VI and VII had one-of-a-kind experience when they engaged themselves in an Inter School soccer match on 14th February. The match held at Einstein campus was intended to give the students a great opportunity to prove themselves in the field. In all, three teams participated in it: Blue, White, and Red. It was a closely contested match — Red team was the winner and Blue team secured the runner-up position.

Earlier in the day, all the teams lined up on the soccer ground. Principal Ms. Adilakshmi met the teams and their captains.  She tossed the coin at the beginning of the game — team winning the toss shall have the choice of ends of the field or the kickoff. She motivated the students by saying that such opportunities help the students to learn several skills like focusing, concentration, team building, endurance and, above all, build a healthy competition.

The duration of the game was 40 min with each team getting 20 min. The match has definitely opened many doors for the 54 students who participated in it. Sports help everyone to not only stay fit physically but also mentally and psychologically!


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