Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Grade VA Students’ Reflections on a Visit to Ashray Akruthi

Deesha: Our class went on a field trip to Ashray Akruthi, which is a school for hearing-impaired children. Our topic was ‘Communication.’ So, we went there to learn how they communicate with each other and how the teachers communicate with the students. It was an amazing experience because we learnt that they do not put the students in classes according to their age — they put them in classes according to how much they know. We also learnt sign language. It was fun going there and we got to sit in their class for one period to watch them and analyze the way they study.

Aryash Jain: All the students there have small machines hung on their ears. This field trip showed how people who can’t hear properly learn and speak. It was a very good experience to see how hearing-impaired children learn. I felt very good that we shared books with them so that they can enjoy those books like we did.

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