Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Grade IIIA: Summative Presentation on Technology

As the Unit of Inquiry “Technology Impacts on the World of Work and Leisure” came to a closure, students identified a problem faced at home/work/leisure and drafted some steps to resolve the problem. Various modes such as poster making, booklet, model making, and collage making were used to present. The presentation was well organized and the feedback given by children was very constructive.

Students’ Reflections
It was great fun to work and present the Summative Assessment. We really enjoyed it! We were academically honest and had fresh ideas. Many of the presentations were very innovative and interesting. Hope our inventions or thoughts come true in future. The most interesting part was the peer assessment and the questions asked by the peer to check the understanding of the concept.  

Some of the comments for the presentation from students:
Vineetha: Sharvari’s selection of the option was very good.
Mayank: Aneesh. K is very good in presenting but he has to get into the task totally.
Milind: Pranav did a very good job but he can work on his body language.

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