Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Grade 2A Activity: Is our Imagination Alike?

Imagination helps us to consider other’s perspective. Grade 2A had a guest lecture by Ms. Kalpana (Home Room Teacher PP2B). Ms. Kalpana showed kids an artistic perspective to demonstrate and enjoy imagination. She showed kids an interesting PPT where simple things like straw, leaves, pencil sharpening were made into beautiful art pieces. 

Kids were eagerly waiting to try their hands on to make something interesting as they saw in the PPT. Resources were given and kids were totally engrossed in their work. It was very nice to see the thought process of the children to create something so different and beautiful. Each child had a unique perspective of the art work he/she did.

They could relate their work to:

Concept: Perspective – What are their points of view?
Profile:  Thinker
Attitude:  Appreciation 

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