Friday, February 28, 2014

Glimpses of Pre-primary Sports Day

Following is the event list of pre-primary sports day and the glimpses of the event.  Most of the parents accompanied their children and we all had fun.

Sprints (Running Race) — PP2 Boys
Sprints (Running Race) — Nursery Girls
Sprints (Running Race) — PP1 Boys
Sprints (Running Race) — PP2 Girls
Sprints (Running Race) — Nursery Boys
Sprints (Running Race) — PP1 Girls
Bring the Ball — Nursery Girls
Bring the Ball — Nursery Boys
Buddy Relay — PP2 Boys
Buddy Relay — PP2 Girls
Balance the Bean Bag — PP1 Boys
Balance the Bean Bag — PP1 Girls
Arches Race — Nursery Boys
Arches Race — Nursery Girls
Tunnel Race — PP1 Boys
Tunnel Race — PP1 Girls
Hurdle Race — PP2 Boys
Hurdle Race — PP2 Girls
Hurdle Race — Nursery Boys
Hurdle Race — Nursery Girls
Hurdle Race — PP1 Boys
Hurdle Race — PP1 Girls
Junkyard Throw
Me and Amma — (Nursery Parents Activity)
My Family — (PP1 Parents Activity)
Prize Distribution

It was an enjoyable experience for all!!

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