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Friday, February 28, 2014

Glimpses of Pre-primary Sports Day

Following is the event list of pre-primary sports day and the glimpses of the event.  Most of the parents accompanied their children and we all had fun.

Sprints (Running Race) — PP2 Boys
Sprints (Running Race) — Nursery Girls
Sprints (Running Race) — PP1 Boys
Sprints (Running Race) — PP2 Girls
Sprints (Running Race) — Nursery Boys
Sprints (Running Race) — PP1 Girls
Bring the Ball — Nursery Girls
Bring the Ball — Nursery Boys
Buddy Relay — PP2 Boys
Buddy Relay — PP2 Girls
Balance the Bean Bag — PP1 Boys
Balance the Bean Bag — PP1 Girls
Arches Race — Nursery Boys
Arches Race — Nursery Girls
Tunnel Race — PP1 Boys
Tunnel Race — PP1 Girls
Hurdle Race — PP2 Boys
Hurdle Race — PP2 Girls
Hurdle Race — Nursery Boys
Hurdle Race — Nursery Girls
Hurdle Race — PP1 Boys
Hurdle Race — PP1 Girls
Junkyard Throw
Me and Amma — (Nursery Parents Activity)
My Family — (PP1 Parents Activity)
Prize Distribution

It was an enjoyable experience for all!!

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Grade 1 B Gearing Up for the SLC

All the students of Grade 1B gave a rocking performance on Founder’s Day and now they are equally excited for the upcoming SLC. With the same level of energy and zest, students are preparing for the SLC and thoroughly learning the activities. They are showing great efforts and fantastic teamwork during all the activities to make the SLC a great event.

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Student Led Conference Invite — Cambridge Primary

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Field Trip to a Textile Factory: An Insight into the Field of Textiles

In connection with the topic ‘Agriculture and Industries,’ Grades 4B and 4C went to “Racherla Garments Pvt. Ltd,” a large-scale textile factory. Kids understood various stages involved in making men’s wear from cloth — “A finished product from an intermediate product.” All the machines involved in each stage were clearly showed and demonstrated. Kids could practically see and understand the role of machines in our lives. We thank Mr. and Mrs. Kiran and the Manager who were cooperative all throughout.

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Field Trip to Digiquest Studio — Grade 3A and 2A

Grade 3A had a fun-filled learning experience on their field trip to Digiquest Studio. Digiquest Studio — a premier film and video post-production studio located in Hyderabad — is the center of South Indian film production.

Mr. Madhu, Ms. Soumya, and Mr. Basi Reddy — the Managing Director and Chairman, answered all the questions to the satisfaction of the children and inspired our kids to select different fields in the future. Kids gained knowledge on many things like colour grading, film scanning, film recording, non-linear editing and VFX /3D animations. 

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Grade IIIA: Summative Presentation on Technology

As the Unit of Inquiry “Technology Impacts on the World of Work and Leisure” came to a closure, students identified a problem faced at home/work/leisure and drafted some steps to resolve the problem. Various modes such as poster making, booklet, model making, and collage making were used to present. The presentation was well organized and the feedback given by children was very constructive.

Students’ Reflections
It was great fun to work and present the Summative Assessment. We really enjoyed it! We were academically honest and had fresh ideas. Many of the presentations were very innovative and interesting. Hope our inventions or thoughts come true in future. The most interesting part was the peer assessment and the questions asked by the peer to check the understanding of the concept.  

Some of the comments for the presentation from students:
Vineetha: Sharvari’s selection of the option was very good.  https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/images/cleardot.gif
Mayank: Aneesh. K is very good in presenting but he has to get into the task totally.
Milind: Pranav did a very good job but he can work on his body language.

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