Friday, January 10, 2014

Session on ‘The Leader in Me’

“If you are not interested in learning no one can help you but if you are determined to learn no one can stop you!”

Senior school teachers had a very interesting insight into the role of a leader through a session on the famous book by Stephen R. Covey: The Leader in Me.

The session was conducted by Vice-Principal Ms. Jyothi Reddy. She motivated the teachers by quoting her own example and how she used the book effectively to get results. The teachers were asked to read one chapter each from the book in pairs and had to share it with others through PPT or discussion or presentations.

While some were taken aback by the success story of A B COMBS, others were inspired by it and wanted to implement the same in our school. We all soon realized that unless we start living it in our lives every day, every minute, we cannot make it a habit. Good habits can be inculcated only by constantly drilling and harping through thoughts, words and deeds. The best way to implement is by modeling it ourselves to both our peers as well as our students.

Unless we practice what we preach, we cannot make an impact on others especially the young minds.


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