Monday, January 6, 2014

Sankranti Festival Celebrations in Einstein Campus

We do not remember days…
We remember…moments!!
The traditional touch…!!

It was a very memorable day, as we celebrated Sankranti festival in Einstein campus on 4th of January. The school was colourfully decorated with Rangolis, mango leaves and flowers for the festival.

The students of Grade 5 put up a very talented show telling about the importance of the festival. They donned the roles of traditional Haridasu, farmers, and so on. They even performed and depicted all the rituals conducted during the Sankranti festivities such as “Bommala Kolavu,” “Cooking of Pongal,” “Bonfire” and many more.

Tiny tots were showered with “Bhogipallu.” There were many traditional dances and songs that were performed by the students. 



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