Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Leading by Example — Workshop to make a Difference

"Learning the treasure within" says the school motto.

"Coach and train the treasure (staff)" says the management.

Driven by the school motto and the ideology of the management, Ms. Usha, Ms. Sunitha, Mr. Nagarjuna and Mr. Srinivas were nominated to attend the "Leading by Example" workshop at OIS Newton Campus.

Ms. Asiya, the CPO of People Combine, started the session with introductions highlighted with the number of people reporting to us and one quality that we admire in people. Later, she guided us to reflect on what makes managers to be labeled as Bad Managers or Good Managers. 

With this, the momentum of the workshop picked up with us diving deep into how a manager influences, coaches, prioritizes work, creates a climate of team work, removes toxic points in a team and evolves as a culture catalyst among the team members.
We were so engrossed in these sessions
Myth vs Reality of managerial tasks, purpose of delegation, difficulty faced during delegation, key steps for effective delegation, role play on delegation, importance of time management showing the 4-quadrant technique, demonstrating the rocks, pebbles & sand strategy and an incident that occurred in Ms. Asiya's childhood “Aunty Singh, You are a Donkey” episode that we simply sailed through the first day effortlessly without our knowledge.

On day 2, we shared personal stories with life lessons embedded in them. The stories set the tone for sessions on the purpose of motivation, characteristics of a good motivator, rewards and recognition, ways to motivate self through a checklist, difference between long-term motivation and short-term motivation, philosophy behind appraisal, identifying and motivating fast trackers and emerging performers, developing SMART goals for them and last but not the least creating a landscape tool for having 360 degrees accessibility and visibility as a manager were the key modules that gave powerful and useful insights for life. 

We thank and appreciate the fervor with which People Combine creates learning experiences at Oakridge. 


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