Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Grade 3A Guest Lecture on Technology

Grade 3A had a guest lecture by Mr. Vijay, parent of Kaushal Guntur, on our ongoing unit "Technology".  He started the session with the question "What do you mean by Technology?" and to guess the different inventions. Students came up with different names of the items; meanwhile, Mr. Vijay noted some inventions separately by giving them numbers. By the end of the guest lecture, he made all of them know the top 10 inventions. When they were stuck at 8, 9, and 10, he gave some clues by showing them videos and finally they got the answers. The list of inventions which they gave is:

1. Telephone
2. Computer
3. Television
4. Electricity
5. Automobile
6. Clock
7. Printing Press
8. Antibiotics
9. Bathroom Fittings
10. Telescope

On a chosen invention, we had a discussion on "need". Students’ involvement was very energetic and got to know that "Need is the mother of Invention". It was a very interactive and enthusiastic session. We would like to thank Mr. Vijay for the valuable time he took out of his busy schedule.

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