Saturday, January 11, 2014

Einstein Teachers get a Makeover!

The staff of Einstein campus had a session on Grooming as a part of their PD sessions. It was one session which was highly appreciated by all and was considered the most useful by each and every one.

Ms. Chaitanya, a consultant of Image Consulting Business Institute, conducted a three-hour workshop in which she spoke about various aspects like communication and clothing and how they impact our image. It was an engrossing session in which the teachers were told about the kind of clothes, bags, footwear and other accessories that one should choose keeping in mind the role and goals we set. We also learnt about the four A’s of image: Appropriate, Authentic, Attractive, and Affordable.

First impression is indeed the best impression. So we need to work on our looks, posture, clothes, accessories and etiquette to leave an impression on the people around us. If we are visually appealing, we can automatically draw the attention of the other person to what we say. Since visual communication overpowers oral communication, we all need to work on creating a visually pleasing appearance especially if we are meeting someone for the first time, like, for interviews and business meetings.

The session surely left us thinking about how best we can appear with a little more effort.

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