Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 2 Assessments — Diving Deep

·        New day, New learning, New understanding — A Deeper Meaning

·        Ms. Anjalika started off with a recap of the previous day's session and revisiting exit card messages. The activities that have caught the attention of all the participants were:
·        Know how assessment is useful for the stakeholders through Round Robin activity
·        Understanding, ' What is understanding?' through 6 facets of understanding done with 1: 2 Publish, Circle, Refine 
·        Jac Mc Tighe’s video on understanding by design and Rick and Doug's video on assessment for learning
·        Flower test activity — a Pre-assessment task, Balance of assessment strategies and tool through Clapping activity
·        Summative Assessment — reflecting on the GRASP model G-Goal, R-Role, A-Audience, S-Situation, P-Products/Performance 
·        Frayer’s Model on 'What are concepts?'  
·        WALT — We Are Learning To and  WILF — What I’m Looking For

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