Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wonderful Exhibition by Grade 1B Students

Grade 1B had a wonderful exhibition this Founder’s Day. There was a huge response from all the parents. The great appreciation from the parents added up to the confidence of the students. The students were answering the questions asked by the parents very confidently and energetically.  

The topic “Plants – their importance, uses, types, needs and parts of plants” were explained so nicely and thoroughly to the parents because of which parents came up with the reflection “We learned a lot”. All the students made beautiful and creative charts related to the topics with the help of their parents that added to the beauty of the classroom presentation. Students also prepared greeting cards for the parents with the message of saving trees.

I thank all my students for the great presentation and also to all the parents for their great efforts and continuous support in encouraging the students throughout the phase.

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  1. ujjwala says:

    all the kids were well prepared and the presented the them self very well. Hats off to class teacher!!

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