Thursday, December 5, 2013

Visit to Our School Kitchen on a Mission by Grade IIIA

Why should we not waste food? How will out Earth be affected when we waste food? How much of food are we wasting in school cafeteria? These were the questions asked by students when we had a discussion on landfills. We all decided to visit our School Kitchen to know some of the details like menu planning, storage, cooking process, time and energy they spend in buying, storing and preparing the dishes, and the data on daily wastage of food during lunch time.

Students were surprised to see the elaborate planning and hard work behind each plate of lunch we have every day. The maintenance of files even in the kitchen was interesting. They realized that there was more than 15 kgs of food wastage per day in school. We got to know that for food to compost properly, it needs light and air. In the landfill, it has neither. Instead, food devoid of light and air produces methane gas, which contributes to global warming. We got to know that here in school we were giving the waste food to animals like cows, buffaloes etc. 

The visit answered all our questions. So, we started taking an action and decided to write a letter to Principal on measures to minimize the food wastage in school. We also pledged to follow measures to control the food wastage and thank all the chefs who are really working hard for all the children.

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