Friday, December 6, 2013

Trip to Kaleidoscope Library

“Books hold a magical appeal for children that go far beyond the stories they contain.” Dr. Marion Blank

We all love books!! At Oakridge we are constantly encouraging kids to develop the love for books, as we believe that, “The more one reads the more they know; the more they learn, the more places they go.”

Grades 1A and 2A had the opportunity to visit ‘Kaleidoscope Library’ to learn about “Elements of Stories” and “Oral Presentation of Stories”. Thanks to Mrs. Omana for welcoming us and helping the kids to understand different ways of enjoying a story.  It was a lovely experience for kids as they got an opportunity to choose and read a book of their choice. They watched a puppet show and a story was also read to them. Kids thoroughly enjoyed this field trip.

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