Monday, December 23, 2013

Second Graders’ Sandy Sea

The month December has many specialities. We may call it as a month of Celebrations. One Celebration was the Founder’s Day Exhibition on 14th December. The topic given to our class was water world and the theme was school values. 

We integrated our topic with all the values. Children learnt all the topics and they exhibited very creatively and attractively. Children got an opportunity to meet all the parents and present their ideas. All the children in the class danced for Water cycle song in the Exhibition. All the parents appreciated each and every child in the class. We were motivated by our Principal Ma’am to do more than just get the job done. By keeping that in our mind, we decorated our class with ocean theme and named it as “Second Graders’ Sandy Sea” and also concentrated on our school values. 

I thank all class IIB children for their wonderful work done in the Exhibition. Special thanks to all the parents for your support. A parent commented that it was truly a day to remember. What more do we want? J.


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