Friday, December 20, 2013

Save Water Now, We are Heading for a Drought

We don’t often think ‘drought’ at the start of winter. If we don’t start watching our H2O, we could be headed for restrictions next summer.

Children of class II B did an awareness program in the school on December 12th, 2013. They went to some classes in the school, they explained them how to save water at the school and also at home. They gave some simple tips to save water usually at home. It was a very good experience for them to meet all the children. I thank my children for making the awareness program a success. They even went to our Coordinator Ms. Satyavani and also to our Principal Ms. Adilakshmi. 

We personally thank them for their inputs in this program. We thank our Principal Ma’am for her valuable time spent with our children by explaining them how water harvesting pits work at our school.

Save Water...Every Drop Counts…

Student Reflections on the Awareness Program:

Mukesh: It was a wonderful experience. Thank you, Ma’am.

Mahati: It was a good experience that we all took responsibility to create awareness about saving water in the school.

Anupam: I felt very confident when I was talking to the children.

Keerthana: It was a nice experience.

Aditya Dinakar: I was little bit scared but I was very happy to explain them.

Aditya Khandelwal: I felt good and happy to share my thoughts with the children.

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