Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sankhalpam — A Wish…A Promise…A Helping Hand

“Organizations” is our current unit of inquiry for II A.  Kids are excited as they have been learning many new things about the unit. They are in their “going further” stage of the inquiry cycle.

It’s our pleasure to have Mrs. Himabindu and Ms. Sanhitha (Grade VII, OIS) to educate our young learners. Mrs. Himabindu is associated with an organization “Sankhalpam” ( and she has shared her story with this organization which is helping many under-privileged kids to fulfill their dreams of education.

Ms. Sanhitha has shared a small contribution of hers, wherein she has told kids that sometimes, she saved the money she wanted to spend, by going out to a restaurant etc. After saving enough, she has started to sponsor a child for her education. This thought has encouraged many of her relatives to be a part of this cause which has given a purpose to start “Sankhalpam.”

Kids of II A have learnt that small contributions and small savings they can make can help other kids who are in need. They also have written sweet notes for the kids in “Sankhalpam” and are also eager to get a reply from them. Students of II A are planning to raise money and sponsor the kids in “Sankhalpam” during the upcoming exhibition this Saturday, i.e. December 14, 2013. 

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