Thursday, December 26, 2013

Role of Individual for Good or Evil – A Debate

In connection with their Unit on ‘Role of Individual for Good or Evil,’ Grade VIIIB students triggered a debate on the topic. Students came prepared to argue for and against and it was heartening to see them animatedly putting their views forward. They opined that human beings’ actions are driven by the background they come from, cultural influences, social influences like poverty and economic backwardness, greed and so on.

The good and evil which each of us perceives in the world around us will be determined by what we've learned to perceive as good and evil. As individuals, we can't actually feel what we've done to others, only how we feel about what we've done. Those who maliciously commit evil tend to do so because of the way committing evil makes them feel, not how the victim of their evil experiences that evil.

The underlying point was that no matter where we come from, what we want to be is more important. It is in each one of our hands to choose our actions and words.

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