Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reflections @ PCMUN 2013-14

Reflections help us in introspection and retrospection. Reflections by the delegates of PCMUN will really help us in working towards improving our performance in future and also encourage us to take up more such initiatives.

The delegates of PCMUN were encouraged to speak about their experiences at PCMUN 2013.

Jhanavi of Westberry Tenali felt that the event was well organized and she got an opportunity to share information with other delegates.

Anvi Reddy of Einstein campus expressed that out of the three MUNs that she has attended, PCMUN is by far the best MUN and she wanted to be a part of all future PC MUNs.

Leeladhar of OIS Vizag was bowled over by the arrangements and the proceedings in the sessions and opined that a lot of freedom was given to the delegates in expressing themselves unlike other MUNs.

Suhas of OIS Newton said that PCMUN rocks and he was all praise for the directors and AD of his committee who put him at ease and conducted the sessions.

All in all, they all had only one thing to say:

We want to be a part of PCMUN in the coming years also!

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