Monday, December 2, 2013

Reflections on 90-Day Word Journey

Wonderful opportunity to start the word journey at a very young age. Lays a strong foundation for building a good vocabulary. Improved word power for my child.
— K. Vijaya Kalyani

I felt happy and it was fun. — Akash

While writing the words I tried to remember them and I became attentive. Now I know the meanings of all the words. It was fun. — Ronak

My child (Sarthak Raj) enjoyed a lot this complete word journey. This is definitely a very good initiative. Thanks a lot. — Santann Raj, Father of Sarthak Raj

It was the most enthusiastic activity I have ever come across. It is the most amazing kids’ activity. — Hari Sai Priya

Wonderful initiative taken up by Times group. It definitely helps the kids in their vocabulary as well as future spelling bees. Keep up the good work!!      Sudha Bhat, Mother of Aayush Bhat

It was a beautiful and enchanting learning experience. And the after activity sheet looks equally interesting and fun. Thanks!! — Pooja Khaitan, Mother of Maanav – Grade 6H

It was a great experience for my child and I can say it has kindled a lot of interest in improving her vocabulary. I appreciate the efforts by your school.      Parent of S. N. Srividya, 3rd Genesis Int. School

This was a wonderful experience. Now our kids watch news and start using these words in everyday life. — Anand

It was a great experience for us and looking forward for many more such activities for children. Thanks. — A Parent

It was an enriching experience not only for the children but for us parents too. We really appreciate the inputs that the child has got from all these activities. — Srivatsan

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