Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Presentation by Anjali Ganji on Evolution of Plants

Grade 1 B had a great learning experience by Anjali Ganji, a computer science lecturer from Reddy Women’s College on the topics: Plants as living things, parts of plants, jobs of different parts of plants, needs of plants, germination, photosynthesis, types of plants and uses of plants.

Anjali delivered the content with a creative PPT designed with innovative animations and also with beautiful and wonderful videos. She started the session with the statement “I don’t know anything about plants but I will tell you few things and you have to tell me if I know correct or not”. After this sentence, all little eyes and ears were on her and all hands were ready to rise up to answer.

Anjali made the learning experience so playful, interactive and informative for the students wherein the students added up a lot to their knowledge, which was seen during their explanation in the exhibition. For the beautiful learning session, all the little angels of grade 1 B thanked Anjali with a card designed by them.

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