Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Thought of the Day

Learning new things daily adds to our knowledge bag so the students of grade 1B have taken up the responsibility of “my thought of the day”. Daily, one student is coming up with his/her thought of the day and writing it on the board followed by their name. In addition, the student is explaining the importance and meaning of that thought to other classmates and all of them are taking an oath to practice it.

Let’s read and practice few of them:

1.      An apple a day keeps a doctor away – Tarini
2.      A plant is important, so plant more plants – Pranav
3.      A lie has no legs to stand upon – Srinath
4.      Eat healthy food to be strong – Anvith
5.      We should wash our hands before eating – Shrikar
6.      Don’t talk letters, talk people – Srinath

We hope after reading this, you will also practice these thoughts in your life given by us.

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