Monday, December 23, 2013

Our Exhibition in Connection with “Our Responsibility towards Our Environment”

We 4B and 4C had a wonderful exhibition this Founder’s Day. There was a huge response from the parents and it was highly appreciated. We linked it to our social science topics and connected it with our school values. 

Some students made models to depict conservation like drip irrigation, rain water harvesting, wind mill and solar energy. They explained various sections of the exhibition like how renewable resources can be best utilized, stages of mining, deforestation, Chipko movement, layers of the soil, compost pit, water conservation steps, importance of ecological balance, 3 R’s…and many more.

As an action step, students took a promise of one thing that they would do in their lifetime. The same was done by some of the parents and teachers. The idea was very much liked by the parents.  We thank all the parents for their continuous support in helping the kids and encouraging them in the entire phase.


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