Monday, December 16, 2013

Letter to Principal — Grade 3A

 Grade 3A had come up with some measures to minimize the food wastage after a visit to school kitchen and wrote a letter to Principal Ms. Adilakshmi. 

We have brainstormed and pooled in our ideas given below that we would like to follow to minimize the food wastage.

1.     Ensuring the smooth-running of lunch times with extra staff for serving: Due to lack of time, children are unable to eat properly especially kids who are served at the last. Depending on the situation, children of 1st batch are throwing food forcibly.

2.   The school chef to visit classes and talk to kids about their job and get feedback from us about what we like and dislike about school meals.

3.    Rewarding pupils: Class teacher can give stars for the children who are not wasting food and also if they prefer to try new dishes.

4.    Sharing recipes with parents.

5.    Recipes from home to school.

6.    Make school meals a treat!

7.   Create a sense of occasion by awarding kids with a certificate during assembly. This will help to create a culture in which school meals are valued, making pupils less likely to waste them.

8.   Label the food items, so that kids will know what to take and what not to take.

9.   Serving staff should show politeness towards kids.

10. Elder students from the school can sit with young children at times to encourage and to try the new food.

We received a reply from Principal Ms. Adilakshmi, and we really liked that many of our suggestions were taken into consideration.

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