Friday, December 27, 2013

Jingle Bell In Place Of Period Bell

What a fun and frolic day it was — let me bring you in those blissful moments. Christmas day celebration on 24th December was a festive day wherein for a pleasant change for children, they came to school dressed in red and white clothes, brought all sorts of candies and cookies and spent their day the way they would dream of — gala time with their friends.

This is no different but what mesmerized me was that children brought in Santa in the room. Not a Santa with red conical cap and white hair, moustache and beard but like a white elephant in the room, not to be seen anywhere but to be felt in one and all children in the room. Each one of them was no less than a Santa for their friends and so imagine, my feeling — a day with so many Santas…

For me, it was like jingle bell ringing throughout the day.

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