Monday, December 30, 2013

IIIA — Provocation with a Game: Who's First?

It was a wonderful experience to see the kids enjoying the provocation activity for our new Unit of Inquiry ‘Technologies’.

Step 1:
Students were divided into 2 Teams; Team 1 with 24 kids and Team 2 with only 1 kid. Team 1 kids were asked to form a line from the door of the classroom up to the transport department office. Team 2 child was positioned inside the class.

Step 2:
Both the Teams were given a task of getting answers to a few questions from Mr. Jain, Head of the transport department. The Team which finishes first will be the winner.

Step 3:
Team 2 was given a mobile phone without the knowledge of Team 1. After the game, both the Teams understood that though, the first Team was bigger in number, it could not win as it did not use any technology. The children really enjoyed and had great fun in finding out the new Unit of Inquiry ‘Technologies’.    

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