Monday, December 30, 2013

Founder’s Day Exhibition

On 14th December, our school’s Founder’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. The theme for the day was “Amazing Animal World”. We integrated the values “Creativity with Commitment,” “Integrity with Involvement,” “Perseverance with Positivity,” “Excellence with Engagement,” and “Respect with Responsibility” to our theme.

Children exhibited the theme through various topics like:

1.      Introduction to animals
2.      Animal habitats
3.      Animal foods
4.      Animals and their babies
5.      Saving endangered species

They displayed their ideas through Power Point presentations on extinct animals, various posters and miniatures. They sang songs on animal habitat and had a puppet show to showcase the value of Integrity. They made a model on water world and had a display explaining the life cycle of a silk moth. They also wrote stories about animals.

The game area for parents had several games like “Save the Eega,” “Match animals and their babies within a minute” and “Pinning the donkey” which brought out the child within them.

Finally, the day ended by kids singing a song on Integrity. The exhibition turned out to be a great platform for building self-confidence for our students. Their enthusiasm to learn new things and their positive attitude made the entire show very interesting and colorful.

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