Thursday, December 19, 2013

Financial Valley Bank – Your Money in Safe Hands!

With the aim of having fun and in the process of becoming financially literate, the students of Grades 6, 7 and 8 set up their own bank for the Mathematics Exhibition, held on the occasion of the Founder’s day. An insightful visit to the Indian Bank, little brainstorming and some research on the Internet were more than enough to transform the young rookies into professional bankers! Next followed an innovative name “Financial Valley Bank” for the bank paired with an absolutely catchy punch line – “Your Money in Safe Hands!” 

Once the essentials were in place, students took no time to come up with innovative ideas for the banking departments like Accounts Section, Investments Section, Cash Section, Foreign Exchange and Loan Section. With their creativity and thoughtfulness, students astonished everyone by turning their classroom into an amazingly professional looking bank. Parents and other visitors were awestruck with the creativity and handwork of the students. 

The whole event was a huge success – the students had all the fun in the world they could by working for their own bank and parents were also happy that their children have become financially literate. Following pictures from the event speak for themselves and tell the success story of the event:

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