Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Field Trip to Water Treatment Plant

Where does the bottled water come from? Why should we only drink bottled water? These were the first few questions that were in the minds of my little champs when we started the unit water. I thought what better way to answer than to take them to a trip to water treatment plant and find out all the answers.

So, on 27th November, we visited a water treatment plant in Pragathi Nagar. Children were really excited to see how impure water with lot of sediments and chemicals goes through various filters like sand filter, carbon filter, 10 micron filter, RO filter, UV light filter, 5 micron filter, then mixing of Ozone gas with pressure to prevent growth of microorganisms. Thus after so many filtrations, we get pure and safe drinking water.

They asked questions and tried to clear all the doubts and finally were convinced that the water they drink is safe for drinking. Overall it was a great experience.

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