Tuesday, December 17, 2013

English Department’s Presentation @ Exhibition

Students showed how writing and the language evolved over the ages and depicted the problems faced by writers like plagiarism, copy writing issues and so on. Students displayed a tree on which book titles of all kinds were displayed.

The students also worked on a play called the “Bishop’s Candlesticks” in connection with the value of Integrity. Norman Mckinnel was an actor and a dramatist. As a playwright he is known for the play “The Bishop's Candlesticks” which is an adaptation of a section of Victor's Hugo's "Les Miserables". The play, which is very popular, is based on the theme that love and kindness can change a man rather than violence.

Scenes from the play were enacted before the parents. It was very interesting to see students delivering the dialogues and emoting scenes from this very popular play based on love and trust.

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