Monday, December 30, 2013

Chairman’s Cup December 2013

Chairman’s Cup for the month of December was held on 27th December. Grades of VI-VIII participated in it. Students waited with eagerness and enthusiasm for the topics to be announced so that they could start the preparations. Students were making interesting posters and were even writing a small skit to drive the message home. It was definitely a good opportunity for the students to hone their debating and research skills.

The following are the topics:            
VI class – “Pollution is a price you pay for economic development”. 
VII class – “Advertising is all glitter and little truth”.
VIII class – “What ails India more: ‘Corruption’ or ‘Overpopulation’’.
IX class – “Sachin Tendulkar: A question of legacy!”
X & XI classes – “Does depreciation of Indian Rupee have only negative impact on the economy?”

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