Monday, November 25, 2013


As a part of PAT initiative, Sai Shriyans of Grade IA was given a task of writing a blog report on one of the projects he did recently. Sai completed the project task by following the guidelines and observation table to the‘t’ and reported it in a wonderful way. Kudos to Sai, for taking up the challenge and fulfilling it excellently!

I got the project ‘Caring of Plants’ in my October vacation. In this project, I had to grow a plant in my house.
To complete this project, I bought a pot, mustard seeds and soil. First, I filled the pot with soil and then I put the seeds in the soil. Then I watered the pot.
I observed the pot till seven days to watch if there was any change in the seeds.
On the first and the second day, no growth was seen. On the third day, one plant came out from the seed. I felt very happy when I saw my first plant growing. In seven days, most of the seeds started growing; and on the last day, the whole pot was covered with green little plants. Each plant was having four little green leaves.
I never did such a project before. I prepared PPT with my father’s help and presented it to my class. I felt very happy.

Sai Shriyans

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