Thursday, November 21, 2013

Parent Reflection on Teach the Teacher in PP2A

A peek into the PP2 A section on 13th October gave me a pleasant surprise. I was amazed to see all the little ones around a table trying to teach none other than their dear class teacher how to read and say words.

On the celebration of Children's Day, the kids were greeted and taken into their class by their teacher dressed as a student of Oakridge!!! For a change, the kids were her teachers and they seemed to take pride in “teaching their teacher” to read, say words aloud, count, and so on…all that they had been learning. The excitement seemed to mount when she imitated and spoke in their way. 

Way back home, my daughter shared her excitement with even our neighbours and friends. This seemed to reflect her fondness for her school and teachers. Thanks to the teacher for bringing in such a memorable experience to my daughter. 

Ms. Usha

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