Monday, November 11, 2013

Math with Stories

Classes 4B and 4C had a guest lecture on 7th Oct related to Math Concepts. The guest lecture was organized during the morning hours in our school lawn. It was very interesting where in Mrs. Preena (Mother of Master Muhsin-5B) delivered it impressively using stories.

Stories are something that everyone would love to hear. She created stories basing them on Addition land and Multiplication land and connected them to the properties of addition and multiplication. Here she explained how every number is important and identity property was explained. In another story she explained the concept of fractions and clarified that fraction is also a number. Kids really enjoyed her session and expressed their opinion about it. We thank Mrs. Preena for sharing her knowledge and valuable time with our kids.

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  1. Satyavani says:

    Thank You Ms Preena for your wonderful session

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