Wednesday, November 20, 2013

III A steps into the world of Advertisements

                               “Creativity without strategy is called ‘ART’.
                Creativity with strategy is called ‘advertising’.” – Jef I. Richards
Students of grade 3A visited an ad agency in connection with the ongoing unit “Advertisements”. They visited an ad agency named, MIND SET located in Banjara Hills. Mr. Alok and Mr. Zaffer gave them an opportunity to know more about advertising field.
They started the session with a question “What do you want to become in future?” and then they divided the answers into logical and creative groups. They gave a clear idea that this field is totally into creative and critical thinking. They told about the people who are involved in making an Ad and about the target audience.
The students enjoyed the interactive session and bombarded them with lot of questions to which they answered with utmost patience. They gave an activity to guess the Advertisements. Kids finished them with great enthusiasm.  It was a wonderful experience and the children thanked Mindset for spending their valuable time with them.
Student Reflections:
Geetika:  I felt really nice sitting on a meeting chair and got to know the meaning of T.M. It means Trade Mark.
Pranav: I developed a profile called Inquirer because we got to ask many questions. I liked the field trip very much. The question I asked was- Who are all involved in making an advertisement? Answer- The people who are involved are copy writer, art designer Sr. Acct. Executive, Director, etc.
Divyesh: It was a wonderful experience to sit in a big conference room with elders for meeting.
Lais: Got to know many things from Mr.Alok and Mr.Zaffer.
Vainavi: Today we went to ad agency. I learnt how they make ads. I liked sitting in the conference room with elder people. I liked talking with advertisers. I developed thinking profile by thinking about the posters they gave for us as an activity.

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